Laurél Schmid was born in Wisconsin. She spent many years in Denver building her graphic design business ​before becoming an international fine artist on Grand Cayman.

Her design roots are deep.

Back in the 60s, her grandparents were closet sketchers. They visited nearly every state in their little red Volkswagen Bug, capturing the trees, the trucks and the countryside via pencil. Like them, Laurél creates from the heart. Her paintings evoke a strong connection to the outside world, to nature. Because that’s where her heart feels most at home. ​Sky above. Sea below. Precious life between.

With a patient blend of hibernation, reflection and inspiration, she seeks to capture and express her own connection to nature, and often journeys inward before any paint kisses the canvas. She is fond of acrylic paint but reaches for tissue paper or plaster when the ripple of a wave or the petal of a flower demands more dimension.

And while a painting may begin as a literal interpretation of a sunset, along the way, Laurél lets her instincts take over. The result includes alluring depth and an extraordinary use of color, beckoning the viewer inside, pulling their own subconscious thoughts and forgotten memories to the surface. ​A flash of tranquility. A melody from the past.

Laurél has participated in several group and solo exhibits over the years.

Her artwork can be found in galleries throughout Grand Cayman. Additionally, she has an Art Studio located in the Naples Art District. When not painting, Laurél takes pleasure in the simple things. Toes in the sand. Sea salt caramels. Eight hours of sleep...

She keeps her paint brushes in an old burnt sienna ceramic jar, a gift from her grandmother.